Sambong As A Diuretic And Treatment Of Urinary Tract Stones

INVENTORS:  NIRPROMP   OVERVIEW: One fourth of all admissions to the Division of Urology in the Philippine General Hospital involved urinary tract stones, of which nearly 80% required surgical intervention. Urinary tract stones are formed upon super saturation of the urine with salts and minerals. One of the complications is the complete blockage of the urinary […]

Ampalaya For Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes

INVENTORS: NIRPROMP OVERVIEW: The Philippines is an emerging hotspot for diabetes.  There are about 6 million diabetic patients in the country and many more who are yet to be diagnosed. Diabetes is a chronic condition which requires daily maintenance medicines to prevent morbidity, complications and mortality. Poor control of blood sugar leads to end organ damage […]

Lagundi for Cough and Asthma

INVENTORS: NIRPROMP OVERVIEW: Respiratory tract infections, including bronchitis and bronchiolitis are among the top ten leading causes of morbidity in the Philippines. Asthma is also the most common chronic respiratory disease in our country. Both conditions are expensive to treat and control as well having a negative effect on a person’s quality of life. TECHNOLOGY […]